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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask Your Prospects to "Just Try Us On..."

How many of you have found “religion” in the Nordstrom’s shoe department? “OH MY GOD! Those black Prada pumps are the sexiest shoes I’ve seen!” I know…me, too!

That’s why I’m going to compare joining Willow House to shopping at Nordstrom’s on the first day of their fall sale. Just in case you don’t know, it begins the third Friday in July and in some circles (mine) is considered a National Holiday. (Hallmark and I are in negotiations right now for the creation of the greeting card.)

Imagine…You walk into the shoe department and peruse the many aisles of shoes, shoes and more shoes. You can feel your heart start to pump faster, your breathing accelerates (Maybe even a few gasps and squeals!), and your smile is stretched from ear to ear because the choices are many! This is what you’ve waited all year for…

You choose a few different styles…a pair of heels, one or two pairs of boots, a pair of running shoes (no?) and think, “What the heck” grab another pair of boots. A sales person spots you immediately (unless you have your own personal shopper who calls you by name, invites you to family dinners and calls YOU for fashion advice…) and hands you a number. Not just any number. Your number. Yes, it’s that busy.

It’s your turn. You hand the salesperson your choices (I prefer men. Whenever a man tells me a pair of shoes makes my legs look good, it’s an IMMEDIATE sale—especially when he grabs my leg and shifts it from side to side to get a better look. For some reason I don’t have the same reaction if it’s a woman. ) The salesperson comes back not only with the choices you made but others that he thinks you might also like. Ohhhhhhhhhhh…now we’re talking…

You try them on. The sleek, sexy heels…are too high and they pinch your toes. You almost consider buying them anyway because it’s not about how comfy they are…but about how they make your legs look. (What?) But then, you remember all the shoes you’ve given away because you just couldn’t wear them and you’ve vowed NOT to waste more money.

You try on the running shoes but they’re too small! But you’ve always been a size 7. What the heck? The salesperson lets you know that running shoes tend to run a half size smaller so you’ll want to go up half a size. Well, I think, it’s a good thing I’m here to try them on…

A perfect pair of brown leather boots is up next. Perfect heel size (3.5 inches), round toe, soft leather, a perfect fit around the calf… and he says the magic words, “Your legs look amazing in those boots.” Need I tell you the rest? I thought not.

Now that I have you all excited about going to Nordstrom’s for the National Holiday, let’s talk about how you talk about joining Willow House. (I know you thought this was all about buying shoes, right?) You see, joining our company is just like buying shoes. (No eye rolls just yet…) Your prospects will never know whether our company is a fit for them unless they try us on first. And, let’s be real…it may not be a fit…being a Willow House Design Consultant may be uncomfortable for them…we may be too big or they just might not like us.

But, what if it’s a perfect fit? What if, once they put us on, we feel like the shoes they never want to take off? The point is…they won’t know until they try us on. What have they got to lose? They’ll pay $99 and get some incredible products PLUS the opportunity to make money, have fun and make a difference in homes across America.

Joining Willow House doesn’t have to be a life-changing decision. It can be. It was for me. And, I know it was for you. So, when you offer the invitation to join Willow House, offer people the opportunity to just “try us on.” Maybe they’ll find their own “religion” at Willow House. Go ahead...just ask.

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